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Monday, May 12, 2014

Nehemiah Chapter 7 and 8

Nehemiah chapters 7 & 8

"This day is holy" if the word of God is not filling you with joy but condemnation, there is a problem, the word of God should fill you with joy.  The joy of the Lord is your strength.

The tabernacle of the Lord today is us, (the booth, the temple); make sure your temple is clean  because God and us live in there, and it needs to be free from sin.

In Nehemiah Chapter 8 -The public safety of everyone depended on each one taking care of each of their families.  The heads of families should bring their families and take them to public worship.
An example of this is from "Faith like potatoes" where Angus brought his whole family out to front of the church.

Parents are responsible for their own  children.  Preachers to teach from the Word of God, not the local newspaper.

Part of honouring God is reading and expounding the Word as well as Baptism,
and Communion.

Be a living stone!

Being a  Christian is not "I give my life and I walk how I want".  Being a Christian is a daily walk, each and every day.  God prefers a sacrifice of a broken heart not the sacrifices of animals and traditions.

The better we understand God's Word the more prosperous we will be, we can't help others unless we learn.  If you want to learn how to live in relationship with God then read the Bible.  Its important that our tabernacle is structured God's way.

Reference also Zech 14

How does the world get to know message? From the feet of those who bring Good News.  'Those' are Gods people who learn in worship reading the Word and expounding so we learn.

A hard heart can turn us away from God.  Be careful when we see a brother struggling, help them to find joy in the Holy Spirit.  When God's word is active in our life it will bring great joy.  Don't live on  circumstances.  Now is the day for you to live.  God will provide.
Worship - great commandment, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  Our First priority is to give God priority.  The right way to worship is to make your tabernacle, temple ready for God; fit and ready to worship God.

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