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Sunday, April 27, 2014

ICC Australia

ICC Australia's David Caukill is coming to Tolga Community Church on Friday 2nd May at 7.30 pm.  All welcome to come along and hear David and learn more about ICC Australia.  This event is free.  We look forward to seeing you.

More about International Children's Care (Australia):

About ICC

International Children's Care (Australia) is a Christian international development organisation based in Australia that raises funds and works with international partners to alleviate poverty and build a brighter future for destitute children in developing countries.

ICC Australia support development initiatives with its implementing partners that focus on the critical needs of destitute children and the communities in which they live. A safe, healthy and nurturing environment is essential to ensure that children and young people integrate into their communities as mature and self-sufficient adults who in turn are able to make a positive contribution to their community.

More about David (from ICC Australia site):

Dave Caukill has a job that he thinks “beats the blazers” out of his previous job of driving a truck. After 17 years of being on the road and clocking up over five million kilometres on his travels, he’s still travelling but for a new purpose of helping the poor and destitute in the Asia region. He loves to share his passion for the work that ICC does with people all around Australia, particularly in his role in working with donors. In his spare time, he likes to spend time working in his orchard and gardens with his two sons Sam and Luke.

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  1. A committed couple spreading the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ. What an encouraging and challenging evening.


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