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Saturday, March 8, 2014

1 Corinthians 11

1 Cor 11(GNB) and Matthew 5:21-26

The Corinthian church was operating in gifts but didn't get it.
We should not only preach the gospel we believe but we should live it.  We need to be in subjection to Christ;  not in subjection to man.  The question is:  Who do I want to please?

Come together and do not have divisions. The Lords supper is a time we focus on the price he paid.
The Lords supper was to bring people together, not cause division.  We are not to look down on any other, I have no right.  It is not my business to judge them, that's Gods business, we are called to pray for them.
Any form or thing that causes disunity amognst Gods people is very serious.

The outward signs of the Lord's Supper are Christ's body and blood. (Bread and Wine)
The benefits you have are from the death of Gods Son.  We are commanded to forgive one another, but we must also stop the behaviour that causes the arguments or division.
The Holy Spirit never causes scripture to deter serious Christians but Satan will twist scripture.
Don't cause disunity in the body of God.  We are not God, we are not called to judge one another.

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