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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nehemiah Week 1

Bible References:  Nehemiah Chapter 1, Book of Acts

Nehemiah was a cup bearer to the King.  He was in a position of power.  But Nehemiah was concerned about his fellow Jews who had gone back to Jerusalem.  He found out that the walls had not been rebuilt and this left the inhabitants in a vulnerable position of no security.  They were exposed to be attacked and taken by the local peoples surrounding them.

Ezra taught the people about their spiritual state and what God required of them.  Nehemiah was a practical man.  He first went to God so that he could then go to the King.

He prayed a fervent prayer to God asking for his help.  He entrusted his concerns to God.  He set us an altar.

The book of Nehemiah shows us practically how God cares for his people.  This book focuses on the “how to”, being practical in everyday life.  Nehemiah also teaches us about being humble and not promote our position.

God gave Nehemiah as-surety that he was called to rebuilt the wall - he was called to do the work.  God uses even the highest positions to get the job done and he has parts of his “remnant” even in the highest positions.

The rebuilding of the wall was to protect the people.  The wall showed the people in a physical sense that God protects them.  Why is the wall important for us to know about today?

The Church is to protect its people.  Like the Church in the Book of Acts, when people were saved baptized, then the Church put “walls” to protect them.  Church is a place where we can learn, make mistakes, feel safe and be loved.

The book Nehemiah shows us that God gives a precious token of grace to His people, by the re-building of the wall.

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