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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nehemiah - Walls

Scripture References:  Nehemiah Chapter 1; Ezra Chapter 10

Walls.  They are important.  Why?  Walls give protection and security.

Nehemiah had inquired about how the Jewish people were faring in Jerusalem and was saddened to learn that although much had been done, the walls were not.  This meant that the people were exposed, enemies could easily strike and those living in Jerusalem had no protection.

Nehemiah went before God in fasting, weeping and prayer.  He confessed the sins of his people, family and self.  He asked God for guidance and  assistance to move forward with a plan.  Nehemiah is compassionate in his care about others although he lived in a good place.  This brings to our attention that we too, should have concern for how our brothers and sisters in the Lord are living?  Do they have what they need?

Although buildings are NOT the Church, they are a representation to the community of who we are.  How we care for the property we are entrusted with will be an example to those around us.  Broken walls look like one lives in poverty and no security.  We don't allow our homes to look this way, so too the buildings and properties God entrusts us with should not look this way either.

We need to pray, we need to be action and caring for our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.  Nehemiah didn't think it below himself to leave a place of wealth and position and go to Jerusalem to "get his hands dirty" building a wall.  He realised that this work was (a) important and (b) worthwhile.

In our Churches today we have many 'spiritual' people, but we lack the 'Nehemiah's', those who are willing to the practical work.

Nehemiah went before God to get his starting point right.  We can mess up so much if our starting point isn't right.  If we conceive an idea, it means nothing.  If God conceives the idea and puts it on our hearts, we can do amazing things.

The wall may not have seemed to be important to many people, but it was to God.  So much so, he called Nehemiah to the task of having it built.  What may seem ridiculous, is worthwhile when God is the One overseeing it.

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