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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nehemiah Chapter 2:1-7

Why is it important to be an overcomer?

Either you set the pace or others will set your pace.

We can love each other but we also have to like each other.  You can’t be married to someone and say you love them and not like them.  Once the romance wears off, and real, everyday life sets in, you make a choice daily to like and love the person you chose to be married to.

Perfect love casts out fear.  Nehemiah had to step out and pick up God’s love.  This didn’t take away the circumstances or difficulties, but God’s love helped Nehemiah overcome the fear he had.

How do we tell who is a born-again Christian?  See the Book of Acts.  Christians have love one for another.

The lifestyle choices we choose determines how we live.  Whom we choose to serve will impact our lives - either fear or faith.

If we sow envy, bitterness, strife, fear we will reap this.  If we sow mercy, patience, peace and love we will reap this.  What we sow, determines what we will reap in our lives.

A lot of our problems come from being double minded.  You can’t sow envy, strife, fear, bitterness and expect to reap mercy, peace, patience and love.

Be single minded and not be rejected.  Double minded people will be rejected because people don’t know where they stand with those who are double minded.

Nehemiah had to be single minded when he came to the King so that he could state his request.  Nehemiah is a doer.  He goes to God first (prayer) and then he goes into action.

How do we become single minded?  Romans 12:1-2

If we want real change in our life, then we start with Romans 12:1-2.  Walk in the Spirit.  If you want change in your life, start with your mind.  Stop developing the ‘old man’ and develop the ‘new man’.

We need to apply God’s forgiveness daily in our lives and stop hammering out issues.  Just choose to forgive.

What is sin?  Sin is failing to reach for the glory each and every person has.

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