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Tolga Community Church
"We believe a Great Commitment to the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission will GROW a Great Church."

Sunday, October 6, 2013


1 Samuel 16:12-13ff
Joshua 1:7-9

How do we prosper?  Is it all about money?  No
To prosper is to follow God's Word.  Read it, meditate on it.
Life is not about waiting for storm to pass, its dancing in the rain
Be kind to others, as God has been kind to me.

Book of Ezra is about connecting people back to temple.  Where is temple today?  In us.
The Lord will work with one person to change the world.  Jesus was the most radical man who ever lived.  David knew his election is of God.  God had appointed him to do a job.  He took his calling seriously.
When God calls you to do something, and you don't you let down the side.
Take the things out of your life that destroys the body.

Joshua 1:7-9
If you want to prosper in your life you meditate on the Word of God.
Our Churches should not be run from the grave, Jesus is alive!
Deut 11:1-21
Tow  live Gods ways if we dont teach our children Gods ways someone else will teach our children and it wont be Gods way
Ephesians 2 (verse 10)
1 Samuel 15
When God appoints someone to do a job, it is important that you do the job appointed to you by God.
1 Samuel 15   v17 take this board verse on board.
This is not about religion this is about living with God. God Wants you to obey Him above all to obey Him above all else.
God created you for a very special purpose.  God created you for a very special purpose. What did you do with my Son? What did Moses do? God took him 40years in wilderness to become a shepherd.

To think about...What do we do? A man comes with his family, then leaves his wife, takes up with another Woman, has a child, then wants to come back to church and be part of the congregation again.  What does the church do?

You have given something very special.  You need to run the race and pass on the baton.
If you want destroy a people,  take away who the people are, their culture, their identity.  when we do things for the Lord we have to do things God's way.

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