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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ruth, Chapters 1 and 2

Ruth took on the whole deal.  She made a full commitment, not a part commitment.
Elimech means “God is King”.  It signifies when Elimech dies that ‘God has left the house’.  This typified what was happening in Israel.
Naomi means delight, pleasant.  Mara means bitter.  Naomi represents the remnant in Israel.
Ruth - gentile bride
The main message/theme is redemption.  The kinsman-redeemer.
You won’t understand Revelation Chapter 5 if you don’t understand Ruth.
In Chapter 1 Naomi gives both Orpah and Ruth a choice:Orpah goes back to her people, her god but Ruth chooses to go with Naomi and chooses the God of Israel
Ruth made the whole-hearted decision to follow God

In this we see the grace of God, he never fails to fulfill his plans in the face of the progress of evil and shows his grace to his people.
When providence made her poor she stoops to her lot.  She is at peace.
Israel at this time is desolate in spiritual things even though the harvests are plenty
Ruth works - she encourages industry, in her labor there is profit.  She is pleased by what she gained in her work and is careful to secure it.
Boaz means “in him is strength”.  He typifies a Christ.
Boaz -He undertakes to rise up the names of the dead.
Boaz is faithful to fulfill the will of God toward the destitute women
Anything Ruth has now comes from God.  She comes to Israel with nothing, she gives what is given to her.
This book is placed at end of Judges and before the Kings of Israel are written of.
The book of Judges show the failing of the people of Israel to be responsible even though God was their helper.  Don’t be too hard on them - we too, have so very often failed to be responsible with what God has given us.
With salvation comes great responsibility
Very important we understand who we are as Christians
Our leaders, our politicians do not have the answers for the world
The book of Ruth is refreshing, it is a beautiful picture of God and his people, of a man and a woman.
The book of Ruth links the past and the future of Israel.
The book of Ruth is an account of a historical person who is one of four women mentioned in the line of Jesus Christ.

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