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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ruth Chapter 2 & 3


  • Humble
  • Cheerfully took on what was in front of her
  • Pleased by what she gained by her work
  • A Gentile, yet part of Naomi (grafted in through marriage)
  • Went about doing what God created her to do


  • Names means ‘pleasant’
  • Mara means ‘bitter’
  • These two names reflect Israel
  • Naomi didn’t try and hide how she felt
  • Honest about state of her life


  • Spoke well of people and spoke well to people
  • People spoke well of Boaz
  • Treated his workers well
  • Helped people

Each and every person has the potential to make a difference in the life of others, the nations, the world by answering the call of God on their lives.

Example of making a difference:  Irene Gleeson 

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