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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ruth, Chapter 1

The Book of Ruth is an account of a person who lived, this is not a fictional account.  Ruth lived, she is also in the lineage of Jesus Christ and King David’s Great-grandmother.

Ruth came from Moab and lived in a time when there was a temporary peace between Israel and Moab.  The theme and message of the book of Ruth is about redemption and kinsman redeemer.

Ruth chapter 1:
Written about the time of the judges
Sometimes God will bring a trial in your life
God is always concerned about the reminant
Naomi no longer pleasant, delight– admitted she was bitter by all that had happened “Mara”
Naomi was honest enough to admit her bitterness.  Are we honest enough with God when we are bitter?
Ruth, a Moabites, leaves all to go with Naomi to a nation she did not know
Ruth showed unconditional love, she was faithful, whole-heartedly devoted to Naomi
Although Israel went from nothing to having abundant harvests, Naomi and Ruth didn’t have food, and they didn’t know where they would sleep or eat, or be safe
Naomi= Israel
Ruth = gentile bride
We, like Ruth, need to count the cost.  If you are going to follow Jesus Christ, it will cost you.
The reason we have a body of people (Church) is to encourage one another, help one another

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