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Tolga Community Church
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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Rom 10

1.  Israel really misunderstood way to salvation.
2.  Salvation is by faith.
3.  JC has fulfilled whole law.  The father sees Jesus and we are counted just because of this.
4.  No matter how bad you think you are; God’s grace is greater.
5.  The Jews looked to the law, not to grace
6.  Martin Luther found grace in God’s word. ‘The people at that time did not believe God’s grace sufficient.
7.  God’s grace is sufficient.  By the righteousness Jesus Christ gives you thru your faith.
8.  Because they misunderstood God’s grace and message of salvation.
9.  The generation that came out of Egypt, died because they didn’t believe.
10.  God has given you a gift, salvation, claim it.  God has given u a territory, use it.
11.  Church was the center light, now we are a little light shining in darkness
12.  God called them to into and possess it
B.   All who call upon the name of the lord will be saved. Confess with your mouth; believe in your heart, you will be saved.
14. We should be telling people   Romans how will they hear unless we tell them?
15. We need to be dependent on God. Somebody must show them
16. You don't beat yourself up to get the practice what God has taught you.
17. Hearing Word of God that strengths faith.
18. God has not changed his covenant.  He has called outa people outa people from the world.
   Don't allow gospel to be a burden on people. Sit in God's presence & know him. The patience God towards sinner is amazing.  To stop being a sinner put on God's righteousness,
19. It is a matter of joy to think God has sent the gospel to so many millions,
20. We have been given the Job to take the message of salvation to the world including the Jews.

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