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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The two ways. One right and one wrong!

What about the Law? Does it help to make us “right with God?” Yes it does.

Read: Ps 1; the two ways. One right and one wrong!

Romans: 7

In this passage of scripture note the number of times the word “Law” and “I” are mentioned, it is about a personal relationship with God and the struggles we can have if we allow the old nature to take control.
Paul shows us that the Law is powerless to save the sinner, the law keeper and even the person with a new nature.

  • The sinner is condemned by the law;
  • The law keeper can’t live up to the law; and
  • The person with the new nature finds his/her obedience to the law finds sabotaged by the effects of the old nature.

Paul declares that salvation cannot be found by obeying the law. No matter who you are; Only Jesus Christ can set us “Free.”( v 21-25)

Without the Law we are headed straight to “Hell” and this is exactly what the enemy wants; no Law means no sin; that is why people do not want to recognise God – if there is no Creator and no Law then we are free agents in the world’s eyes. The Law has been given for direction and so we may set boundaries in life as we saw in Ps.1 there is a right way and a wrong way in life and the Law gives us the guidelines to follow the right way or ignore it and you follow the wrong way. Eternal Life or eternal death is the result!  It comes back to our starting point in life! (Genesis 1)

This is why when the Gospel is not shared (the Churches’ responsibility- us included.) people do not know they have a problem and they therefore have no responsibility or find their real purpose in life.
Read (Genesis 1, 2 and 3) at home and see how God gave humankind the responsibility of looking after the earth.  Without God’s Law people begin to think only what they can get for themselves and wind up being selfish and develop a thankless attitude towards life. Christians can become like this also when they continually disregard the “Law.” It is for our benefit – it shows our need for the Messiah – God’s greatest gift - His pure love for us.

Example: You go to a swimming hole on one of these hot days we are having and dive in and swimming around; you then notice a sign that says “No swimming, crocodiles seen here!”
Your day is ruined. Is it the signs fault?
Are you angry with the people who put it up?
The Law is like a sign. It is essential and we are grateful for it – but it doesn’t get rid of the crocodiles.

The inward struggle with sin was as real for the first disciples as it is for us today. Paul has shown us what to do about it, whenever you feel lost, return to the beginning of your spiritual life, remembering that you have already been freed by Jesus Christ/Yeshua.  When you feel confused and overwhelmed by sin’s appeal, Thank God that He has given you freedom through Jesus Christ/Yeshua.  Let the reality of Christ’s/ Yeshua’s power lift you up to real victory over sin and that comes from The Holy Spirit dwelling within you.

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