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Tolga Community Church
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Living a Life of Victory continued

Bible References:  Matthew 5:20; Romans 1:1-17; Romans 16:25-27

Our righteousness comes from Jesus Christ.  Live a life of victory.  God wants us to live a life of victory.  To do so we need to Read the Bible and Live by the Word of God.  Example:  The apostle Paul had is Damacus conversion, he then went and was taught, (approx. 3 years) before he began his ‘public’ Christian ministry.  Paul knew the Scriptures very, very well.  He knew Israel’s history, he knew the law.  He allowed God to re-teach him about His Son – Jesus Christ – Fully God and Fully Human.  Paul learnt to live a life of victory.  His obedience came from faith in God.  Why do we obey God?  Duty?  Peer Pressure?  This brings suffering and bitterness.  We obey God because of Jesus Christ in our life – He gives us Victory.
Christianity does not consist of knowledge only (information) but obedience to the plan God has for each of us in our lives.  Obedience to the Lord.  Obedience in faith.  Trusting God will do what He says He will do.  All those who are bought to obedience of faith:  1) loved by God and members of the Body; (2) know they are to be holy to the calling as Saints, (3) be faithful to calling of God.
Let’s be prepared with God – get our lives in order with God.  Have the right order in our lives (God’s way).
From Cynthia's recent trip to Israel (2012)

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