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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't be Misled

Colossians 2:18 (GNT)
Do not allow yourselves to be condemned by anyone who claims to be superior because of special visions and who insists on false humility and the worship of angels. For no reason at all, such people are all puffed up by their human way of thinking

Worship God, not a god, not some god.  We need to make sure about where we are going (our faith journey with God) so we are not misled.  Don't follow those who are "religious"in the way of burning candles bowing to idols/statues etc.  God tells us we are not make carved images for ourselves.  Don't serve things ( e.g. new motor car, money, house etc)  These things are resources for you to use.

Always remember to forgive one another, we are not our brothers (or sisters) judge.  Give all to God - He will bring those who hurt us to account.

Bible References:  Rev 21:8; Col 2:18; 2 Kings 17:14 (v7-23)

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