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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life of Abram - being in covenant with God

Bible References:  1 Peter 2:9; Genesis 15; Deut 33:27-29; Ps 84:11; Rom 4:17-22; Rom 4:4; Romans 4:17; Genesis 15:12(Refer to TCC website post: )

If we done serve God we will see a spiritual connection somewhere else.  We will have a 'priest'of some kind.  As spiritual beings we need spiritual leaders.  God established Israel and He established the spiritual leadership that would imitate God's voice and teachings (Levites).God wants us to fulfill five (5) purposes in life:worship, belong to family of God (through being born again and baptism) (This is not belonging to a denomination), Discipleship (being transformed), Evangelism (tell the world about God), Mission (what God wants you to do)
We need to have a reverence for God  - fear (not being afraid, but a real deep resepect) Him.  A Priest is a bridge builder.  We are priests - we are bridge builders for people to seek God.  Abram in Genesis Chapter 15 became afraid and God took him outside, showed him the stars, made a promise to him and told him some things.  He then had Abram prepare to seal a special covenant between them (Gen 15). The Lord showed Abram (and us): that He is our shield (Ps 84:11), The Lord is our provision, God is able to create life - God does the creation, not Man (promised son), God promised Abram a land and then 'signed'the covernant.Abram knew he couldn't keep the covenant, only God could.  If this covenant  (  A binding agreement) was broken then God would have to make the covenant good by dying, spilling his blood.  That's what Jesus Christ fulfills - the covenant broken by Israel.  It means that we can't fix our problems, God has done it all.  We can't.  We have a future and a hope and eternal life as God's children (heirs) because Jesus Christ fulfilled the covenant promise that if either side failed to keep the covenant one of them would have to die.  We a deep fear (terror) fell on Abram regarding the sealing of this covenant, God comes.  He walks the sealing of the covenant alone.  God is our shield, our righteousness.  God takes all of us, good and bad.  He keeps the sealed covenant because He loves the world.

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