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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Soul Care Part 2 - Living in Victory

Bible References:  Isaiah 59:9-15; Genesis 39 (chapters 37 – end Genesis); Psalm 107:10-15; James 1:1-4

·         Isaiah addressed the people as they were not living in truth

·         Like us Isaiah longs for and desires truth

·         We can feel guilty about our sins but it won’t change the fact we have sinned

·         We need to recognise and confess our sins

·         Sin is a result of turning our backs on the way God wants us to live, turning our backs on God Himself

Example of Victorious life:  Joseph (Genesis)

·         People seemed to like Joseph and were drawn to him

·         Joseph was betrayed, sold and yet he ended up overseeing, being put in charge

·         Joseph was brazen about living with God in a land that didn’t serve God

·         Joseph wasn’t a whinger.  He didn’t get blessed from whinging. 

·         He commanded respect

·         He relied upon God

·         He didn’t give in to a negative attitude

·         Joseph went about his work and remained fresh and focused, not worn out

·         He lived for God first and then he worked for his boss

·         Because of Joseph the line to the Saviour was kept.  Israel was saved through the famine.

When we rebel, when there is disunity amongst the body of Christ we bring disrepute.  God notices and He will act.  Joseph lived in victory and he didn’t wear out because he allowed God to work in his life and he had a personal relationship with God.  Don’t get worn out in your life trying to please your boss.  People who live in victory aren’t worn out.  People like being around them.  No one likes to be around a whinger.  People like to be around those who refresh others.

Q.  How do I live – in victory or defeat?

Q. How do I react to personal injustices?

Q. Where do I find my faith?

Q. Do people want to be around me – do I draw people because I live in victory or turn people away because I live in defeat?

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