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Monday, July 23, 2012

Faithful, Honourable, Righteous

Bible references: Genesis 12:1-3; Job 1; Gal 4:21-31

Abraham:  Faithful.  Genesis 12:1-3.  Abraham was called by God to a land he didn't know.  Abraham wasn't perfect.  He made many mistakes and it took many years for him to get to the land God wanted him to go to.  But God made Abraham a promise - see Genesis 12:1-3

Joseph:  Honourable.  Joseph trusted and obeyed God through trials and temptations.  He learned to forgive those who had treated him badly. God used Joseph to save the known world at that time from famine.  Joseph was highly respected even in prison and then as Prime Minister in Egypt.

Job: Righteous.  He loved God.  He wasn't perfect.  He made sacrifices on behalf of his children in case they had sinned.  But Job wasn't God and he couldn't make his children right with God.  Each person is accountable for their relationship with God.

Are you in a place of bondage or freedom?  It's not about whether there is trouble in your life or not. 

Galations 4:21-31 - The Bond Woman & The Free Woman.  We are all born of the flesh, but we become born of the spirit when we confess our sins and believe in the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We become Free.

There are two choices - bondage or freedom.  Which will you choose?

Are you faithful, honourable, righteous?

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