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Tolga Community Church
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Soul Care

References:  Psalm 91, Joshua 1:8

Our Soul:  who we are, personality, relentless desire to know God.

Our soul longs for th peace to know God:
  • thirst for God - a relentless desire to know God
  • peace - within ourselves, with others, with God.
  • Until we experience redemption and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, our souls won't settle.
You can try to quieten down the desire to know God through good works, alcohol etc, but only in Jesus Christ can you have real peace in your soul.

In spite of all going on in our lives, when we know Jesus Christ, our soul can be at peace.

God wants Christians to live a victorious life.  He designed our lives with purpose.

God should always have first place in our lives, not our jobs
  • Unforgiveness and strife will pull us down
  • Walk in love - God's love (reference 1 Corinthians 13)
  • Line up your words with God's words
  • Always maintain an attitude of gratitude
  • Count your blessings and name them
  • Honour God continually in your life
  • Let people see what God is doing in you (Living stone)
  • Live under the shelter of the Most High
  • God has put a huge investment in you (His Son JC)
  • Praise God in all you do - it's the best place to start

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