Tolga Community Church

Tolga Community Church
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Friday, May 6, 2011

In One Mind for the One Purpose

(from At Tolga Community Church we never really know who the Lord will send along to encourage us on a Sunday.
Last week we were blessed with Simon, one of the technicians from U.C.B.-Vision Radio Network, Australia.
Simon has been on the road for several weeks and will be for several more as he travels Queensland checking and repairing the stations that have been affected by the recent natural disasters. He has been a breath of fresh air and working with him on site is an enjoyable experience, I would describe him as one of those quite achievers whom the Lord sends just at the right time(His timing- always perfect). The common connection we at T.C.C. and U.C.B-Australia have is to use radio as a resource to keep "The Word" going out through the air waves over our nation and as Vision Radio says,"Connecting Faith to Life".
Spreading the Good News Across Australia
You are Worth While and Created to Succeed.

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