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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Your Christian Walk must be your lifestyle not an act

Your Christian walk must be your life-style not an act.  We watch TV or listen to Radio Theatre and see or hear people acting out parts.  It's sad that many people do the same with their Christian Walk.  JESUS DIDN'T. 

Why do people do this?  Fear, pride, self-importance just to name a few.  How we live in our everyday life will impact those around us.  Don't just be a "Sunday"Christian and show up with your Bible in one hand and ""spruiking"lots of religious words.  You may get away with it for a time, or appear to do so.  However, you will be found out. 

Our lifestyle should be a reflection of Jesus Christ in our lives - an everyday, every hour, every minute journey of faith.  "The cross before me, the world behind me..."

At TCC we're encouraged every week by our Pastor to make our Christian walk an everyday occurance - our lifestyle, not an act.

What do people see in you in your everyday lifestyle that reflects Jesus?

(posted by SI)

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