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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hope when it hurts most

Our Worship Leader on Sunday shared with us about Hope when it hurts most.

Sharing from Louie Giglio's talk on Hope when it Hurts most. The Anchor of Hope...

The good news is that we know where peace is found - in Jesus Christ - because trouble is coming. 
John 16:33 
Where do you turn when life hurts most?  The cross of Jesus Christ. 

At the cross we see that:
 God loves us (1 John 4),
God allows freedom but he maintains control (Acts 2),
God can use the worst for eternal good,
God paints a canvas bigger than we can see or understand.

The cross is proof that He always has a purpose through every circumstance.
The cross anchors us to that hope - Jesus Christ - when trouble comes.

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