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Monday, February 7, 2011

Encouragement from Jeremiah 1:14-19

Jeremiah 1:14-19                              You are not an accident.
Your birth was no mistake, no mishap and your life is no fluke of nature.  Even if your parents didn’t plan you – God did. (PDL Day2)  Before we take our first breath, God knows how long we’ll live.  He knows our name.  He made you for a purpose.
Jeremiah was concerned because he was a youth when God called him and he didn’t think those older than himself would listen or take notice of what God wanted Jeremiah to say.  God reassures Jeremiah that He will be present, he will always be with the young prophet.  Lord assures him in v19 “I am with you”.
Jeremiah would have to go and speak God’s word to a nation that didn’t want to hear or respond in repentance.  He was also named the “weeping prophet” and spent more than 40 years declaring God’s Word to an unrepented nation.  Though he was rejected, put in a well, despised and persecuted, he persistently declares the uncomprising message God wants to tell the people of Judah.
Like Jeremiah we can tell ourselves excuses like, “I’m not old enough “ or “I’m too old”, I’m not educated enough”, “I don’t want to hurt their feelings”, or “I have no experience”.  But God doesn’t choose you on your age, occupation, feelings or experience.  He looks at your heart and desire to serve him.  Giving a to those who don’t want to hear is hard. 
If you also notice, Jeremiah wasn’t sent to the nations who didn’t belong to God – he was sent to God’s chosen people.  Likewise, we should as the Church of God make sure we are listening to the Holy Spirit, and those God has as shepherds over us.  We need to make sure we are not despising God and His message to us.  When we are telling God’s message to people who don’t want to listen, we need to take our encouragement from God.
In summary we learn:
  • We’re born at this time to fulfill our God-given purpse
  • The message we speak won’t always be welcomed
  • We aren’t chosen on our careers, education or knowledge
  • we need to take encouragement from God
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