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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ephesians 1 : 18

Ephesians 1:18 (NIV)

"I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order thatyou may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints."

Instructions on how churches operate:

Jesus is the  Way; he is the door;
Be concerned about what Jesus is concerned about.

We have the ability to pickup the power of God (Acts 1:8).

God makes the power available to each of his people;  but we have to pick it up.

Paul establishes that our blessings come through our walkingin God's ways.

People set apart for God;
We pray in God's blessings for His Word.

Even the 'best' Christians needs prayer; heavenly wisdom.

We are not always willing to come under God's yoke.

It is by being partakers of Christ himself, we are made his way - the journey.

Live by love and live by our redeemers joy.

What's the implications for the Church to stay in Christ's body.  

We need to find our blessings in God.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Car Bike Swap Meet 2016

Photo of fender in use for Chaplaincy fundraiser.  The fender is over 10 years old and today it's running 4 speakers across the Atherton High school fields.  2016 Car Bike Swap Meet! 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ephesians 1:15-23

Bible Reference:  Ephesians 1:15-23

We live in a world with an incredible desire for "wisdom".

But the world doesn't take notice of God.   We live in this world for a period of time.  We know the end result for our life.  The world doesn't know.

Devil - meddler.  He meddles in the world and causes problems.

God promises wisdom to His people.  We are to show love of God to others;  not on our own strength.

God gives us insights;  we have to humble ourselves and ask.

Ephesians 1:15

The truth that God uses is absolute.  Eg "do not steal" this  can include thoughts / writings/things.

Ephesians sets up authority in Church; every believer comes up to full stature in Christ.  

v22 Jesus Christ is Head over all things for the church.  Not an organization or a people.  

Christ is the head and if he is not ruler of church, then why are we here?  It's unfortunate that in churches today people have relationship with Pastor and his/her love is not great enough.   It has to be the Lord.  The Lord has love enough - people are not Jesus.

Every blessing we have should come from the Head ie Jesus!

How do you use the power and authority he gives us in our life?

People are looking for something.   Wisdom and revelation of God.  

We are human beings not human doings.   God just wantsto be with us. 

Romans  1 - put time aside to worship God.   Don't need to run programs.   Just spend time with God in worship together. 

Paul practiced prayer for others, be an intercessor for others - leaders, fellow believers,  lost, lonely etc.

Pray for people;  tell them that God loves them.

Seek God's wisdom and seek a closer relationship with Him.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Do you live as a child of God whom He blessed?

Bible Reference:  Ephesians 1 :3-14

Do we like to receive a present?   God wants to lavish us with gifts to those who are in Christ.   When we don't use the gifts he has given us;  it hurts him. By using the gifts God has given us,  our lives go in directions we never thought of.

Ephesians was not written in Hebrew;  it was written in greek.  Israel was to show the world God's morality.   They failed to do it.   We also fail,  except for grace of God.

Paul begins this section by praising God the Father for every spiritual blessing given for God's people.

Why did God chose me?  But He did!

Count your blessings,  name them one by one!

In the Old Testament the jews took their law to a place where they 'locked it up'.  Jesus doesn't do this, he unlocks us.

Is God doing things in your life?   If not, have a talk with God.

Ephesians 1:4-5
We are adopted as sons and daughters and we are given an inheritance.   We receive the inheritance when we become a Christian.   We are to use

God purposely chose us.  We need to do something with this.  The Jews know they are God's people,  even though the world comes against them.

I am a son/daughter of God.  We need to remember this every day.

To keep trying to earn your salvation is a sin.  God makes you good enough.   If we try to be 'good enough ', we sin.  He wants us to take and use our inheritance.

Ephesians - how we can live in the salvation He gives us.

Jesus makes me right - having faith in the right place. Are you saved to come to church once a week or are you saved to live out your salvation each day.

We have to be identified as Christians.   Too often no one knows you are a Christian.   If you live your life so right; you'll be pleasing the world.  Even the world didn't always say 'nice' things about Jesus.  Don't please the world;  please Jesus!

When we don't pick up our inheritance we lose.  Paul is telling them to pick it up.

Are we too busy loving other people and not loving God?
Are we too busy to not collect the prize?

It's not about insurance;  its about assurance.

God provides - even the food we need.   Don't be silly and run around like a  turkey;  be like an eagle souring,  seeing the big picture.

Do you live as a child of God whom He blessed?  It's important to God we are blessed.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ephesians (Part 1)

Bible References:  Acts 20; Ephesians 15:1-31

Paul took opportunity to write
Ephesians.   It's not like any other letter he wrote.

Corinthans written to address 10 issues raised.  Corinthans was not the ideal church; but don't pick on them.  They had lots of people.   A wonderful letter telling us how to overcome.

Galations - letter written to address issue of  compromise - Jews trying to get people to go back to Law.

Ephesians written by Paul (God's choice).

Paul knew about God but didn't know God.  On road to Damascus Paul met Jesus!

No longer is there Jew or Gentiles;  there is one body - the Church.  (The mystery )

Chapter 1-3  grand picture of the Church.  We leave spiritual past behind and we walk in the inheritance.  Walk in newness of life.  Established our position in Christ.   God does nit call us to leave sin behind; but to walk a different way - to be like Jesus! 

We want to see people with Jesus in them.  We can't keep Law.  

- Jew/Gentile relationship issues.   Jews hated gentiles.  Jesus tells the Jews to love non jews. 
- Culture.   (1st Centry Israelite views )
- idoltry
- Sexual immorality
- Paul comes along - Jews and Gentiles to be same (Jesus as one of the chief rabbis in Israel at his time)
- OT Rahab (Canaanite) and Ruth (Moabite) both in line of Jesus.  Boaz husband of Ruth and Rahab his mother.
They were grafted into God's covenant community.
- a major readjustment in perspective on both sides (Jews/Gentile )
- Acts 15:1-31: four (4) requirements
- we do not come under the Law but we are under the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
- Paul's letters are full of gentile description of way of former life
- don't take pride in former life but in future life
- abstain from idols; sexual immorality; blood and strangled animals.   Requirements as Christians. Acts 15:1-31
- v 28 Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements (in one mind with God )
- you don't do them to become a Christian;  but because you are a Christian you do them.

Study these 4 requirements;  they are tougher than OT law.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Stars in my Crown (2)

2 Timothy 4 : 1-8

Timothy has been encouraged by Paul to keep going.  He has been hurt and has learnt about forgiving.  

Crown of salvation
Crown of doing the work of God

The love of the world can overwhelm us in this life.  Paul was guided by divine inspiration.   You can't get it from people; you will be  disappointed.

One thing Paul loved to have; his manuscripts.   When you stop learning and growing you become bitter; wither and die.  He did not neglect the necessities of life.  No one denies we need these.  But we also need to be thankful for the Holy Spirit and living God's way.

By living God's way, Timothy put stars in his crown.  

(Examples of reformers God used in church history: John Calvin - reformist in church history; Luther - reformist in church history)

It will profit God and others if Timothy kept the faith and preached the Word faithfully.

Paul also tells Timothy he will endure afflictions.   There are good times and not so good times.  If we don't share in the suffering of Christ;  have a heart that loves people like Christ,  we aren't following God's will.

We are all called to tell people about Jesus.   Jesus is the only one who can change our life.  Paul tells Timothy to fulfill his ministry - joy in your heart. 

No joy in ministry, some causes:

1.  Fear (bullied /not using resources God gives us)

2.  Unbelief (not trusting God to do what God says/ do we think people won't listen? )1 Peter 2:9

3.  Cares if this world (bills to pay, things that happen to us)

4.  Fear of Man (what God wants done; not what a man wants)

5.  Criticism and discouragement (a priest/holy man)

6.  Don't be overtaken by sin (letting the first 5 things get to you) (2 Timothy 4 v6-8; 1 Peter 5:4)

Paul had been a Pharisee.   He had persecuted Christians.   Then he met Jesus.

Paul understood about crowns.

Revelation 4:10 (Crown?  Take it to the Lord)

Timothy gets overcome by trying to please everyone and he can't.   He learns he only has to please Jesus.

God wants to give you a heavenly reward.  

To do our ministry - 2 Timothy 4 : 1-8

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