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Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Religious Man

Bible reference:  Acts 20:24; Romans 2:17-29

The Religious Man

We are called to the ministry of reconciliation.   We will do it differently.   God gifts us in different ways.   God likes unity, not uniformity.

Romans 2:17-29

Paul is a very good example of a religious man.  Until he got to know Jesus,  then he understood the Gospel.   Religious people know the law, 10 commandments; instruction in the Law and God's rules for living.   They claim to be a teacher of children,  instruct the foolish,  help the blind. 

But they do the very things they preach against. They break the Law.  You can be circumcised physically,  but unless you heart is right  it's of no value.

They must refuse to apply Scripture in their own lives, but instruct in other people's lives.

Who has a "special " relationship with God?  We don't just accept God, there must be a life transformation.

Romans 3:1-26

We all fall short,  no one is worthy.   We can all fall into the trap of being religious.  

Jesus met Paul on the road to Damascus.   We can meet Jesus,  but we need to develop our relationship with God.  God will have an impact on your life.

Romans 3:19-26

Each and every one deserves to have God's anger thrown on us.  The whole world is guilty before God.  The way to be right before God is not by trying to keep the Law.  The Law shows us we fall short.

V 22 - God declares you right before Him through faith in Christ Jesus.

V24 - God gifts us with redemption through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   You cannot earn salvation.   It's a free gift from God.

V25 - Jesus Christ paid our sin through faith.   You can't sort your sin out.  Jesus paid for your sin in the cross.   God wants us to live our life He purposed us for.

Abraham- Genesis 12.

Through Abraham all nations of the world will be blessed.   God then enters into a covenant with Abraham.

God is never away from you; you move yourself away from him.   We are not to 'flog' ourselves,  but to come quickly to him in repentance.

There is purpose in why you are here.  God is a god of justice.   He wants a debt paid.  Jesus did your time.  It's paid for. He punished all sin when He punished Jesus.

We need to get the picture God has for us.  Who we are.  How much God loves you and cares for you.  

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Living the Christian Life (Education)

Bible reference: Romans 2

Some people don't have a formal education,  yet they can learn.

Some people receive an education. 

Education or no education; we can't escape God's judgment.   We all need God's mercy,  regardless of our education.   God does not show favoritism.  

The person who is educated,  can learn from nature as well.  He knows that there is a God with intelligence.   Many educated people try to reason out life.  They are challenged by answered prayer.  Sometimes you can't reason with intellectual reasoning.   The intellectual person knows there is a judgment,  he also knows God is merciful and compassionate.  He will try and find a way of escape.

We must have God who is just.  If not, then there will be no repentance or paying the price to make the unjust act right.  The price had to be paid. 

We are not to walk in another's pain.   We are to be compassionate but not take the hurt or pain on.  God calls us to love one another and care for others.   Without turning to Jesus,  repent,  to say to him; I want you to be Lord of my life.  Let Jesus take the steering wheel of our life.

The world we live in, knows we as a Church have helped people.   But we have failed to bring people to Jesus.  We can't sort our sin out.  Only Jesus Christ can redeem us.  Education cannot sort out our sin. 

There is a right and wrong.   We are  broken people in need of a Saviour.  We need Jesus Christ to be our saviour.  We can live in a place of anguish or live in glory and honour.

God will judge according to the true moral of a person.

God wants to see a heart turned to God. 

Either you are with Jesus; or you are not.

Romans 2:11

God respects those who obey Him.  God is no respecter of man's appointments.  God does not show favoritism.  He wants you because He sees your heart.

Acts 10:34
Book of Ephesians (taking down the barrier wall)

Being educated is not wrong.   But being educated does not mean you are better than someone who is not. 

God saves you according to the state and disposition of your heart.

Colossians 3:11

As a Christian,  the greatest thing we can do is to be a walking Gospel.   Trust Jesus.   He's our hope, he's our Saviour.

There is no condition,  no circumstance that God can't save you from.  Holy is putting your life aside for God.  When people open their heart to God, they can be saved.

Education won't save us.  With Christ all things are possible.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Being Right With God

Bible reference:  Acts 20:24

Paul's commission in life.   The task of testifying to the Gospel of grace.

We are to lead people to where they can meet God; we can't change them.  We lead them, and the Holy Spirit dies the work.


In our country,  this explains much of what is happening in our nation.  The failure of our nation will not be without, but from within.

Simple man - ordinary man.  Uneducated man.  From nature, he can see there is a supreme intelligence.  

Today,  we are taught that there was a large explosion that caused our world into existence???!

Yet man will reject the truth that God created the world and dream up something entirely different.

When you give your heart to God, he no longer sees you as a sinner.   You may sin, but under God's grace,  we are saved.  Not by any of our good works,  but by His grace.

Reference:  Romans 3:23

The sinfulness of man - not acknowledging the supreme intelligence of God; there is a surprise ability to care for and keep the world in care.

God takes care of the seasons and the order. Man does not.  When we get away from God,  we become ignorant.  Being ignorant is no defense.   When we do not follow God but follow the images of animals,  birds, people - that is idolatry.  Following after idols, brings confusion.  

If you want to change your way?  Follow God and obey Him.  People change the glory of God and make idols of creatures and God will give then up to their evil desires.   God will give then up to perversion / give then up to their evil desires.  

He who loves evil hates the light.   Confession is light bringing everything to the light.  We prefer to not have our deeds and thoughts to the light.   We cannot be brought to a greater slavery than to be a slave in prison to their own lust.  Pray for them.  They need  release.

The great release?  Romans 8:1-4

As a Christian, the first purpose in life is to worship God.

Not being educated is NO excuse for not knowing God.

Isaiah 53:4-9 & Isaiah 44

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Purpose In Our Life - Complete the Mission The Lord has Given us to Do

Bible Reference:  Acts 20:24

"But nothing, not even my life, is more important than my completing my mission. This is nothing other than the ministry I received from the Lord Jesus: to testify about the good news of God’s grace."  Acts of the Apostles 20:24 CEB /

Completing the mission the Lord has for us to do.  We will know who we are; your people.

Romans 16:25-27

Jesus Christ came from the line of David but he was also the divine Son of God.   God also raised him from the dead.

A disciple - a disciplined way of life.  We are loved by God and members of His body.

God has called you and set you aside from this world.   We are holy saints; people of God; we are Christians.

Only God through what the Jesus Christ has accomplished through his death and resurrection, salvation and eternal life.

The Roman church suffered great persecution.   They were loved by God and called to be his saints.   As we go about our life as a Christian,  we are hurt unless we have the Holy Spirit.   The enemy will try and hurt God's people through various means.

Matthew 5:3-12

Blessed and joyful (not 'happy') whatever you go through,  you can be blessed and joyful.   The kingdom of grace is such because the kingdom of glory is for them.  God sees not what we do, but what Jesus does.

True repentance is not just turning our life around and accept God's will in our life; we are obedient to God; we trust God. Humble and continued dependence on the mercy of God.   Total dependence and obedience to God.

Heaven is the joy of the Lord for them; earth is not their home.  Those who mourn will be comforted by God.

God is not a lover of the proud; the one who pushes others around will held accountable.

Moses was the meekest person in the Bible.   Caleb was obedient and received by capture what was promised to him.   Judas Iscariot missed out.

Offense in the church today is a big problem.   How do we accept correction?  Are we offended or are we humble enough to accept correction?

Our righteousness comes from Jesus Christ.   We need to how we stand before the Lord. 

When we hunger and thirst for righteousness, God will be with us.  The Holy Spirit will grow us.

We need to have compassion and help them.  Pray for those who are having difficulty and don't know Jesus.   They need to be rescued from hell.

Heart is purified by faith in Jesus Christ.   None but the pure of heart will see God.  Heaven wouldn't be pure if we went in the way we were before we were saved by faith in Jesus Christ.

Peacemakers love to keep the peace; live at peace.  If you are not a peacemaker then life becomes very tiring.

There is nothing in our suffering that could bring merit to God.   We are blessed in Jesus!

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,  for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.   Blessed are those who mourn,  for they will be comforted.   Blessed are the meek,  for they will inherit the earth.   Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,  for they will be filled.   Blessed are the merciful,  for they will be shown mercy.   Blessed are the pure in heart,  for they will see God.   Blessed are the peacemakers,  for they will be called children of God.   Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,  for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.   “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.  Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you."
Matthew 5:3‭-‬12 NIV

When we are out there preaching the Gospel, its important we know who we are in Jesus Christ!

Don't go out into Mission by your own strength; be prepared and obedient.   Live as God's people with God's power.   It is a battlefield; we need to have full protection of God.   We have work to do .

Sunday, June 9, 2019


Hebrews 20:21.

Read full story of Moses.

Being Sent To Preach

You are created to go and all to be saved and all to know the Truth.   Jesus came to earth for all.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Jesus comes and meets with you and speaks with you personally.  He reveals himself personally to each of us.

He reveals who he is to us.  You move from being a creation of God to being a child of God.   God is God and will reveal himself.   He reveals what we are able to do and what we will do.  The journey ahead is like a moulding.  God doesn't just want you saved by grace but he wants to mold you. 

Ephesians 2:10

God calls you to be a priest.
A Priest is like a bridge builder. We're to help build the road across the gulf to show people Jesus.

Jesus teaches us to be fishers of men.  The disciples entered into a molding process.   They left all behind and followed Jesus.   You cannot walk with Jesus Christ without leaving everything.

In the molding process,  the servant is purified gold.  Sometimes the process takes a little while,  sometimes a lifetime.   We are to preach the Gospel with power.  Obedience is non optional.

We are not to live please ones-self is ultimate disobedience to God.  Disobedience and rebellion may take a long time.   In the nation,  the church does well doing good works in their own strength.   It fails.  We see lots of wounded Christians.  We need the weaponry of Jesus Christ to do His work.

Matthew 20:16 - for many are called,  but few are chosen.   If this is left out, the church is passive.  But Jesus is anything but passive.

Our part of being chosen,  is to be obedient.   Being more clever than others is not a qualification to preach.  

Acts 1:8

Examples:  Paul  - 3 years in training;
Moses - started his calling at 80 years old.

Preparation is so important.   Jesus doesn't send his people out without the weaponry.  

Presenting the Gospel is a serious business.   The disciples were called but not sent until after Jesus's ascension.   Three years it took.

Jesus will equip you.   If Jesus has not equipped you, be careful.  When we have the power of the Holy spirit, signs and miracles will follow.  Mark 16

You will have hsrdship and opposition.   Power is not to show off signs and miracles,  it is for our protection.

Though you have been sent, wait for the power (Holy Spirit).  We are not to be voted in or appointed by Man; we are called and annointed by God.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Speaking Out The Word of God

Bible reference:  Luke 4:1-21

Last week we spoke about hearing the Word.  This week we will talk about preaching, speaking the Word of God.

Preaching the gospel that Jesus Christ preached.   Unfortunately,  some of the teachings of Jesus has not always been preached accurately.   The Gospel that Jesus taught has been purposefully perverted.   People will say he preached a gospel of grace or salvation.   Both are correct but not complete.

Mark 1:14-15 - the kingdom of God is at hand and to repent.   Without repentance there will be no redemption from Sin.  Jesus's message was bigger than grace and salvation.   His message is about the reign,  rule, dominion of God the Father and of the Son.

It is about the filling of the Holy spirit into each one saved.  John 14
- we are not left as orphans. 

The Gospel is more than grace or salvation; it's about the whole person.

The term 'kingdom of grace ' nor 'Gospel of grace ' appear in Bible.  

The Gospel must have something to do in the kingdom of God.   The Gospel is about faith,  grace,  redemption,  justification,  sanctification; its about the whole of God's kingdom.

We are saved for purpose  - to build his kingdom.   It's not just one part.  The word Gospel - old English word meaning good news, good tidings.   The word Gospel is Good News.

Christ proclaimed the kingdom of God.   Why did Jesus have to announce about God's dominion?  God created the world,  but since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden,  God had to do something about man's sin. 

Isaiah 59:2. Our sins are the road block between God and Man.  Man's banishment from Gods sight  has caused the destruction we live in.  

2 Corinthians 4:3-4

The devil has managed to deceive the whole world.   When we draw the Gospel down to just grace and peace,  we miss out on so much.
Jesus had to overcome the temptation in the desert from the devil, without sinning.

Luke 4:18-19 - preach the good news to the spiritually poor people of this world whom the devil has deceived.   As we see Gods view, we realize that our view is different to the world's view.

Leviticus 25  - Year of Jubilee. A type of Christ 1000 year reign.
Revelation 7:1-6
Matthew 22
John 6

As God's people we are justified,  sanctified, walk a lifelong transformation to become like Christ.   God wants to see mature Christians who can stand up in this world.  They are the bride of Christ.

Revelation 19:7-9

God has called you to be a lot more than just saved. 

We look at humanity differently to God.  God sees us as a kingdom of priests.  Do we have a God view of people?  Be about building the kingdom of God.

When do you enter the kingdom of God?  When you are part of the kingdom?  From the moment you repent and confess and believe in faith.

God will take your life and transform your life.  He chose you!  You are important to God.

Are you going to fall over?  Yes.  Failure is never fatal.   What is fatal is not getting up again.  God doesn't give you something for the sake of giving something.   He will purpose you to build his kingdom.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

God's People - Those Who Call Upon The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Bible reference:  Romans 10:14-17

God has a saving plan for this world and part of that plan is His people.

We need to see God's creation,  instead of the brokenness.   We communicate with you each day.   We grow, planted and watered in the Word.  That we keep a clear passage open to hear Your Word, not the voices of the world.

Who are the preachers? All God's people.   Shepherd's look after the sheep.   Sheep breed sheep.   It's not up to one person to preach,  it's up to all God's people.

Isaiah 52:7 - reference to Roman's reading.

We are to tell people about Jesus Christ,  our Lord and Saviour.   The bringers of good news are precious.   The most persecuted group of people in the world today are Christians.  

The biblical sense of  beautiful feet is not a Barbie doll look.  Feet are scarred, worn, tired, that bring the good news.   Bringers of the good news are precious people.   People of whom the world is not worthy. 

Paul and Margaret Brand - missionaries. Paul's mother was a missionary.

God has called people to send out.  If Church was taken out of Australia,  so much help would cease.   If Jesus isn't in what we do, then they won't get saved.

We keep preaching the message that Jesus Christ saves.  The preacher has to preach so people can hear it.  They must believe.   If they choose not to believe after a time of preaching,  dust your feet and move on.

Roman's 10:16-17 faith comes from hearing,  the word of Christ.   Paul preached all through Romans.  Romans 10:9.

Roman's 10:13 - everyone who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved.   Jesus wants to know you and love you.   Calling on the Lord - if we don't repent we will repeat our sin.  We repent by turning to Jesus, otherwise we will continue to repeat our sin.   It's not just confession,  but repentance.   The Lord will do the work in you. 

Roman's 8:28

He is the overcomer of our sins, mental health,  health,  daily life's troubles. Jesus came for those who need help.

Mark 10:46-52 do we actually have the faith in Jesus like Bartamaeus? The evidence of our faith.

Psalm 18:3 - take our troubles to the lord.

Psalm 15
Psalm 91:15

God's salvation is total salvation of your being.  Sanctification,  edification.   God wants to be part of your life,  daily, intimately.

Let's turn to God.

1 Corinthians 1:2 - the church of God. A Christian is one who calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus!

Prayer points:

Pray that the love of God is shown in the world.

These are exciting times for God's people to bring the message of the Word to the world.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

You Are To Be One Who Heralds the Good News

Bible reference: Habbakuk 2:1-4; Romans 10:1-21

God has called each of us to be a heralder.  We are to speak out and tell people about Jesus.

We need to watch the temptation of being impatient.   People want more things and the salvation through Jesus is not enough for them.

God will not disappoint the believing expectation of the one who follows him.  Don't be worried with future or doubts.  Observe what God is doing.   God will not disappoint.   The broken humble sinner to take an interest in their salvation.

The walks and the works we do are a faith walk.  Some will walk and some will fall away.   God wants your heart.  Don't fall away. 

The heralding of the word has fallen away.  The church is losing because people don't know Jesus.  We can run programs,  feed the poor  and these are good.  Only those full of faith shall know joy.

Roman's 10:1-21

Sometimes we can be like Romans 10:21.  The relevance of this text is important to show how you came to be saved.  We cannot be the savers.  We are heralders.  Israel is to be made jealous for salvation, by the gentiles coming to faith in Jesus.   God is not finished with Israel,  he's just started,  and your part of it.

Salvation is not about a church denomination.   First and foremost,  we are a Christian.   Not an Australian Christian,  we are a Christian,  part of God's kingdom.

Anything that replaces what God wants is a high place in our life.  We can make our church a high place that replaces God.   A policeman talks about the letter of the law when he finds you.  Jesus talks about the spirit of the law.  When you follow the law of the word,  you will miss the spirit.   God still sends messengers.  Sometimes we don't want to hear what God wants to tell us.

How wonderful is the coming of the one who brings Good news. Joel 2:32 - calling out to Jesus.   We call out to Jesus, who comes and saves us.

Today, the  church is the most persecuted group.  Yet it continues to grow.   Jesus died upon the cross,  but he lives!

2 Corinthians 3:17

Living by rules and regulations has a deadening effect on people's lives.   That's what the Pharisees tried to do with Israel.   Jesus brought a different message to Israel.   As Jesus the son of God humbly served the Father,  the Holy spirit empowered him to heal people.

Having been set free from sin, we become 'slaves ' of righteousness.   We either serve sin or righteousness.   Jesus wants to save us from self-striving.  Our life should be liberating - you want to be with God.

Roman's 8:2 We are free from our sin.  Keep that liberation.  Our fleshly human resources are not adequate to keep us.  Spiritual deadness - no life.

God gives liberation.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Our Eternal Salvation

Bible reference:  Acts 5:25-32

Our eternal salvation and how we know for sure.

We tell people about God, but it's Jesus who saves.   It's important that we tell people about Jesus Christ,  he is the One who saves.

It's important to ask yourself,  do you know for certain that you would go and be with the Lord.

Eternity is very, very permanent.   One day, each of us will know the true answer to this question.

Roman's 14:10

We have two appointments made for us:  Hebrews 9:27 - death and judgement.

There are two sure things in this physical world:  death and taxes.

Tragedy can happen at anytime.   God tells us in James 4:14.  We can make mistakes about a lot of things,  but not salvation.   Proverbs 14:12 - our feelings are not a safe guide; go by God's word and the Holy Spirit tells you.

If what you feel,  or hear doesn't line up with the Bible; don't follow it.  Check out what you're hearing against God's Word.   Mark 7:7. Know where stuff comes from.  God does not make rules to put us in slavery,  but freedom.

1 Corinthians 13:33.  God is not the author of confusion.   If the teachings don't come from God, they are useless.  

Each and every one can have a Bible to read.   God won't make you read it.  It's your choice.  We are not even going to be judged by what we personally believe. But by what God believes.

John 12:48 - your life is at stake.   Our soul is worth more than the whole world.   Matthew 16:26

What makes us different?  We are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.   We are set free by the cover of His blood on our life.

John 3:1-17. What are we to believe?  The most serious problem in our life is Sin.  It breaks our fellowship with God. 

Jesus paid the price for what we do wrong.   When He returns,  if we don't have the mark of salvation,  we will be passed over.  If we truly repent of our sins, confess our sin, and turn away from our sin, we can know in Christ we are saved.

1 Corinthians 1:4 - God's kingdom has broken into the affairs of men on earth.  The time is here, Gods kingdom is here.  Are you ready to receive?